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A Glimpse of the Past

Recognise this spot?

View of 28 Riccarton Road, taken from a dehydration works chimney - Credits to Christchurch Star archive & Christchurch City Libraries

Behold the Dux Dine Villa, circa 1940. Once standing as home to the Station Masters of Riccarton Railroad, the villa nestled beside the railway lines in the rustic North Riccarton. Station Masters posted in the villa were responsible for the safety and efficiency of the Riccarton Railway Station.

The old Riccarton Railway Station - Credits to Christchurch Star archive & Christchurch City Libraries

When Dux De Lux was damaged irreparably by the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, Founder, Richard Sinke set out to continue the spirit of the beloved community treasure.

The reworking of the old villa took 14 months (2012)

The selection of the old villa on 28 Riccarton Road was driven by the assortment of delightful spaces and inviting comfortable atmosphere.

The build involved restoration of original features of the villa (2012)

The old station masters home underwent a remarkable transformation. Fourteen months of extensive yet sympathetic reworking of the Villa to breathe life back into the historic building.

Rock shaving to prepare the fish pond located in the Gin Garden (2012)

Builders working in the snow (2012)

From its humble origins as a station masters dwelling, the Dux Dine villa has evolved over time alongside Riccarton Road, developing with the Christchurch community.

The old Dux Dine sign (2016)

Tucked away from the now bustling Riccarton Road, this authentic historical site serves as a cosy spot inviting visitors to experience its unique character and enjoy a memorable meal.

The 'Gin Garden' area at Dux Dine (2022)

The conservatory (2022)

Plenty of and cosy spots to warm up during winter (2022)

The reworked Villa as it stands today (2020)

The quirky yet comfortable Dux Dine we know is a testament to history; the Villa stands tall at 28 Riccarton Road, a fusion of history and modernisation.

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