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From Dux De Lux to The Dux Group

Christchurch has some iconic places that resonate amongst us. 10 years on and Dux De Lux is possibly the definition of this as it remains a hot topic in most conversations about pre-quake Christchurch.

An interest quickly evolving into a passion and that passion burning bright for over 40 years. From day one Dux has been a leader in its industry, evolving with the times and staying one step ahead of the game. Dux De Lux was born shortly after Richard Sinke returned from India. Richard, a newly turned vegetarian, fell in love with the fresh, nourishing food he had experienced. He decided to take his organic market garden, love for local live music and craft brews and materialise it into the iconic Dux De Lux that Christchurch came to know and love.

Not only did we shake things up in the hospitality industry with our controversial organic, vegetarian only menu, Dux De Lux soon became the stepping stone for all great NZ musicians. The likes of Shapeshifter, Salmonella Dub and The Feelers were no strangers to the Tavern Bar, and for many, this was where their journey in the NZ music scene first began.

Fed up with the lack of craft beers, Richard decided it was time to brew our own Dux craft beer in our very own brewery and so in 1989 Dux De Lux had one of the first craft breweries in New Zealand. From it came the Dux beers we still sip on today: Dux Lager, Black Shag & the ever-popular Ginger Tom.

A core part of Christchurch life since 1978, the Dux De Lux spirit is still very much kept alive through its ‘Duxling’ venues; formally known as Dux Dine, Dux Central and The Poplar Social Club, a.k.a The Dux Group.

The Dux Group

Over these 10 years, we’ve watched our broken city rebuild and become the glorious Christchurch that it is today. We have resurrected the Dux brand alongside the city, starting with our music-focused venue Dux Live and shortly followed by our local restaurant, fondly known as Dux Dine.

Our historic turn-of-the-century villa on Riccarton Road is our homey, family-oriented seafood and plant-based restaurant. The true definition of ‘hygge’, you’ll always find a cosy spot at Dux Dine.

Whether it’s beside the open indoor fire on a chilly winters eve or outside in our award-winning garden, soaking in the warm sunshine. With the exciting new menu on the way and proudly New Zealand wine list, it’s unquestionably a place to meet for one and all.

After tirelessly searching for that perfect space for the soon to be Dux of beers and live music, Dux Central was established in 2015 and quickly became Christchurch’s favourite local. Being spoilt for choice with four unique spaces, along with its gastropub menu and impressive selection of brews (boasting over 200!), it is certainly the closest replication of our OG Dux De Lux.

Hidden along Poplar Street, you’ll find our best-kept secret: The Poplar Social Club, our speakeasy cocktail lounge. If you wanna know more though you’ll have to find it…

True to the Dux brand, our Dux Group restaurants are unpretentious but conspicuous, and serve as a leisurely meal spot.

We continually strive to pay homage to the Dux De Lux definition: Masters of the finest.



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