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Dux Dine’s Campaign- 'Advocating for Change, One Meal at a Time’

GST-Free Tuesdays at Dux Dine – advocating for policy change

As the political climate heats up in anticipation of the upcoming elections in New Zealand, one renowned restaurant in Christchurch is embracing activism with a flavor-packed twist. Dux Dine, a beloved seafood and vegetarian restaurant, is taking a bold stance on a pressing tax policy issue regarding healthier food and inviting the community to join them in making a resounding statement.

Nestled off the bustling Riccarton Road, Dux Dine isn't just any restaurant; it's a champion of the Mediterranean diet, a promoter of seafood, vegetarian, and plant-based cuisine, and an advocate for clean, locally sourced nourishment. Amidst the debates surrounding the government's inaction on implementing 'GST-free fruit and vegetables for NZ,' Dux Dine is refusing to wait for policy shifts. Instead, we're taking the initiative to showcase the power of change that emerges from within the community.

Every Tuesday, Dux Dine offers GST-Free meals to the Christchurch community. This initiative isn't just about satisfying taste buds; it's about nourishment for a cause. Through offering GST-Free meals every Tuesday, we're not only highlighting our commitment to accessible, nutrient-rich food but also rallying support for local, healthy dining options.

"At Dux Dine, we firmly believe in taking matters into our own hands and effecting change from within," says Richard Sinke, the visionary behind Dux Dine. "We believe that actions speak louder than words. With GST-Free Tuesdays, we're giving our community a tangible taste of what a healthier, more sustainable food culture could look like."

As a strong advocate of the Mediterranean diet, Dux Dine’s GST-Free Tuesdays are more than meals; they’re a nourishment of both body and mind. The harmonious blend of seafood and vegetarian cuisine isn’t a coincidence – it embodies our belief in a healthy lifestyle and showcases change is more than policy.

 The Visionary behind Dux Dine - Richard Sinke Photo by Anna McLeod for Avenues magazine
The Visionary behind Dux Dine, Richard Sinke. Photo by Anna McLeod for Avenues magazine

Join us at Dux Dine as we craft an impactful change, pledging to support a community determined to transform talk into action. Our GST-Free Tuesdays celebrate our commitment to healthier, locally sourced dining, forging a future that begins on your plate.

Advocating for Change, One Meals at a Time, Vote for Dux Dine!


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